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Barbara Jacobs is the head Trainer at Blue Ribbon Meadows. Her background is in show jumping, dressage and three day eventing.
She is one of the most successful coaches in the area with students riding up to FEI Level. In the past 15 years every student in the program has qualified for the US championships. The students have won hundreds of year end awards over the years in all levels, Two students have won Gold at Jr Olympic Level with others on there way there as well , Barbara loves to watch her students show, and win, that is most important to her. Bringing along young dressage horses is also a love, but the pure joy of watching students show is all she needs,, so all energy is put into them, vs her own career as a rider, they come first, and always will.


  • B.S. Equestrian Studies Business Management
    Averett College in Danville, Va.

Competition Experience:

  • Barbara has been showing since the early 70's showing at Madison Square Garden The Hampton classic Devon to name a few. Winning the Indian Head Gran Prix 2 times and the Arrowhead Gran Prix 3 times in 79,80,81. Riding thru the Gran Prix set the stage for eventing I just love it she says, riding all the way to advanced, Dressage has always been a passion riding with the greats Charles Dekumffy Rienor Klimpke and many others . Starting dressage at an early age has given her a edge of being able to feel the horse and explain these feelings to her students in all disiplines of riding
  • 1974 her horse Andromeda the big fuzzy mare , the love of her life, showed her riding was not only a passion, but a true calling, Angie has the mare was called jumped the moon, and took Barbara to heights never dreamed of. Angie passed in 1981 , leaving Barbara with a huge desire to continue what Angie had started, a spectacular riding career.
  • 1980 her horse Happiness Is or Izzy as she loved to call him gave her the most clean Gran Prix rounds of the year , the courses were tight and he always rose to the challange, the big black gelding had a knack for dressage, the balance needed for proper jumping, it was a match made in heaven.
  • In 1998 her horse The Patriot was named Best Performance Horse of the Year (shown above with Barbara in Kentucky.)
  • Barbara continues to show and is bringing along her younger horses.

Training History:

  • Barbara has trained with some of the best in the world.Clinicing with all the greats during her long and successful carreer. Her trainers include: Harry Deleyer, known as the grandfather of horsemanship, William Steinkraus, and Tad Coffin, Riener Klempke, Charles Dekumffy, Jon Claude Rosene' , just to name a few.

Teaching Achievments:

  • Teaches students of ALL levels!!
  • Every student since 1992 has qualified for the US Championships in Eventing
  • Students at all levels are year end winners at the GHCTA since 1990
  • Gold Medal Young Rider Coach, Top 10 in the United states Young rider coach, Team Young rider and individual young rider coach.
  • 3 Time world champion trainer and coach Show jumping,
  • 3 Time world champion Hunter over fences trainer and Coach
  • 17 Time United states Champion Trainer and Coach

Course Design:

  • Barbara has designed, and managed the show jumping course at the FEI level Camino Real Three Day Event for the last 5 years.
  • She also designs show jumping courses for other USEA Horse Trials and Show Jumping Shows around the United States.